Sherri Gragg​​

About Me...

Mom first. To five kids- three through birth, two through adoption. All gifts of God. 

Writer. I love words. Always have.

I am an introvert, pretty stereotypial that way. I love books, hiking, drinking tea or coffee on the porch or by the fire before everyone else is up.

I love travel and wish I had more money and freedom to do it.

My love for big, ridiculous rescue mutts borders on the obnoxious.

I am mischevious. My  teenagers say I am crazy, but laugh when they say it and I hope that is a good sign.

I believe God is a God not of condemnation but a God who holds us in our sorrow, walks with us in the darkness, and forever comes for us with arms open wide. 

That is Who He is for me. 

And that is the Savior I want to introduce to you...

Christ's peace, my friend

Pics from the top, clockwise:

  1. Me at a book reading for one of the 5 Minutes with Jesus books I wrote with Sheila Walsh.
  2. With my oldest son, Christopher
  3. A post hike selfie, with my best buddy, Al
  4. (Across, beneath reading photo) Me with my other 4 kids at Meg's graduation.
  5. A stack of some of my favorite books. I am a lifetime learner.
  6. (Back across beneath grad pic) From one of my favorite hikes. (God is found out in the woods!)
  7. My friend Kristi and I in Israel!
  8. My favorite coffee mug with a quote about a love of books.
  9. My youngest daughter and me, in the Jeep. We had just rescued this dog after a hike and were taking him to his owner. He shed something awful, but we were having a blast.
  10. My friend Sherrill's cabin, where I go to write. My home away from home.