Does Lack of Sex Mean Emotional Infidelity

Does Lack Sex Mean Emotional Infidelity?

Do you remember when you and your spouse first fell in love? Do you remember that feeling of butterflies floating in your stomach?

You were so love-struck that it was impossible to look at another person with desire. More importantly, the sex between you two was likely passionate and simply ecstatic.

When your love life all of a sudden gets put on ice, the reason may be due to your partner being involved in an emotional affair.

It Takes Energy to Keep the Lie Alive

There is an old proverb that states: “A man cannot have two masters; because eventually he will love one and hate the other”.

The same goes for affairs!

When a person is cultivating a new relationship with someone outside of the relationship, his or her heart will eventually drift away from the relationship.

If you spend your time bonding with one person in an intimate way, it becomes difficult to give the same amount of attention to the current relationship. The mental and physical strain will begin to affect the cheating party and will eventually wear the person out.

You don’t desire more food if your belly is full, and the heart is exactly the same when it comes to love. If he or she is spending all their energy building another relationship, he/she will not be able to give you the same amount of attention.

IDing Fake Relations

When someone isn’t sincere you can normally spot it, especially if it is your spouse!

By now you should have a baseline of behavioral conduct. If you find a sudden drop in emotional and physical connection, then you should inquire as to why. It may not be an emotional relationship; it could be work pressures or a whole array of other problems.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ask them directly what is going on. If the answers are weak or distant and do not satisfy that “inner voice”, you may have reason to suspect. Always be sure before you go down that path, otherwise, you could be responsible for damaging the relationship if you are wrong.

Before Jumping to Conclusions

Don’t just think automatically that it is an emotional affair. Always be sure about things as sensitive as this. Also, there are a couple of things you could do in order to see if there is a real “loss of interest” or whether it is merely a temporal situation.

Try to spice up your sex life, and begin to do new things. Do you remember everything you did when you were falling in love? You used to do little things here and there to make life interesting for the person, to make them feel special.

Maybe your partner misses that special treatment and is trying to fill the void elsewhere. The point is to give it a shot, try everything in your power to get that spark back into your love life.

If even after you have tried and tried again, and nothing happens, then it may be time to take the topic of either a physical or an emotional affair more seriously. Directly confront your partner about what you think and see how they react.

Their response will give you insight into what is truly happening, and based on that response you will have to begin to look at what the next steps may be for you. Emotional affairs can be brutal and can steal the heart of your lover, if you are being cheated on, you will have to start looking out for your best interests.

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